Top 10 Companies in India Who Pay Most During Internship in 2016 – 2017

Top 10 Companies in India Who Pay Most During Internship in 2016 – 2017. You might have heard many time that theoretical knowledge is not everything. It just gives basic idea about the operations and the processes. OIt almost useless until you are exposed to the real market or industry. It’s practical knowledge which gives you complete visual information where you can learn the things in a better way which you will never forget and will surely help you performing yourself. In that case, and specially for Engineering Students, internships are mandatory and one of most important factor. Internships help us understand the practical things in a better way and then you can implement your theoretical knowledge at the same time. Getting internships is easy is many cases, as there are many companies or firms who offer Free Internships in India. But to get internships in a well reputed company is a tough task. It brings lots of value and surely helps in getting placed after the completion of your course.

There are certain companies who pays to their interns as well. In these days most of the companies pay a certain amount to their interns. But how much?, there are many companies who pay that must amount that you might never get as your salary throughout your life. Yes, it’s true and we will provide it here. Here we have compiled a list of Top 10 Companies in India Who Pay Most During Internship in 2016 – 2017. After checking this list you will get an idea how handsome these companies pay to their interns. We have provided full list of top 10 Indian Companies who pay most to their Interns. You may also get these bucks if you are lucky enough to get their Internship. So without doing any further delay, scroll down and check Top 10 Companies in India Who Pay Most During Internship. Best Companies in India to do internship.

Top 10 Companies in India Who Pay Most During Internship in 2016 - 2017

1. Facebook

Facebook tops yet other list. According a survey, On average the salary of an Intern in Facebook is $6,056 which mean a Facebook intern gets INR 5 Lakhs as an intern in Facebook. Apart from salary there are other advantages of working in Facebook such as, Free accommodation and amazing culture to learn something new everyday.

2. Google 

We are talking about the best in the business and Google is not listed, it’s not possible. In terms of Highest Salary of an Intern, Google is listed second just after Facebook. The search giant pays their interns $4,560 which means whooping INR 3 Lankhs they pay to their intern. Also their interns have rated them best, better than Facebook also. There are other advantages in Google Internships such Free accommodation for full internship and Networking with Few of the World’s best minds. You can learn whole lot of new and amazing things from Google Engineers, literally the best in the World.

3. Qualcomm 

Qualcomm is generally known for it’s tough interviews, and not only that, they are also included in the list of Top 10 Salary providers to the Interns. Average Salary of every Qualcomm Intern is equal to Google in terms of bucks, $4,560 / month which means 3 Lakhs India Rupees every month.

4. Epic Systems 

Rated as good as google by their interns Epic Systems pay $32/ hour to their interns. Which is a handsome amount in terms of monthly salary. Apart from salary the staff and engineers at Epic System are great people. They always want their Intern to perform well and they support interns in every possible way.

5. Intel 

There is no computer geek who might not have heard about Intel, the support system of computer systems. They also made to this list and on average they pay more than Google to their Interns. Average Salary of an Intern in Intel is $4,832 which if you convert into Indian Rupees, will be around 3,20,000 INR which is quite good amount of money.

6. Microsoft 

World Leader in Computer Operating Systems MICROSOFT is one of leaders in terms of paying their interns as well. Average Salary of Interns doing their Internships in Microsoft get $6,000/ month which mean if you get Microsoft Internship, you will get INR 4 Lakhs as your salary.

7. Apple 

Apple is one of the most reputed and most loved company in the World. Apple also pays handsome amount as salary to their Interns. They pay $5,000 which in Indian Rupees, be 3.3 Lakhs. But there is something more amazing if you do internship in Apple. They provide free accommodation, free lunch/dinner and all other benefits which an Apple employees gets. Not only that you may also get $1,000 housing stipend and product discounts.

8. Yahoo

There was a time when Google and Other search giants were nothing when compared to Yahoo. Yahoo was the first website which brought internet in the lives of general people, else it was just a government testing stuff. However, till date Yahoo pays good buck to their interns. General Salary of an Intern in Yahoo is $5,200 which means you get INR 3.4 Lakhs.

9. Hewlett Packard

10. Linkedin 

So above we have listed the companies who pay most to their interns in terms of money and lifestyle. This list of Top 10 Companies in India Who Pay Most During Internship in 2016 – 2017 has been compiled by collecting data from various sources and sites. After through verification we have provided this list. So if you are looking for Paid Internships in India or looking for Companies who provide paid Internships in India, you can check this list and try to apply for an internship in these companies. Money you may get anywhere, but the experience which you will get here is priceless.

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