Successful Interview Tips, How to Prepare and get Hired

Successful Interview Tips, How to Prepare and get Hired– When You are thinking of Getting Hired, First thing foremost Thing You go through is Facing an Interview. If You successfully Climb this Ladder, then almost You are done. But this is the Most Complicated thing. You might surprise to know that the General Success rate of interview is less that 5%. Many Managers say that it’s barely 1%. So you might thing How difficult this could be. Oh Really? Not Actually. JNTU WORLD is Going to Point Out Few tips By which you can make Your interview Simple and Simply Enjoy a Successful Interview. This tips are Helpful for Everyone and For Specially for the Fresher People. We are going to Tell you What to DO and What Not to Do During an Interview. So That You Can Make Your Interview Successful.

Why Do People Fail in An Interview?

First Of All We are trying to put a light on Why Do people fail in An Interview. You might be surprised to know that many people fail in the Interview without facing it. Yes, it’s Totally True.

Few of the Most Common reason for Failing an Interview are:

  • Poor Dressing or You can say Poor Grooming.
  • Unappealing Body Language ( You might be Understanding what we are trying to say)
  • Inappropriate Resume
  • Money Centralized Approach
  • Poor Behavior in Waiting Hall
  • Lack Of Punctuality
  • Lack Of Confidence
  • Approach Without setting a Goal
  • Aggression and Self Justification
  • Negative Attitude
  • Complains about the Previous Employers
  • Over confidence
  • Non Acceptance of Mistakes and taking it’s responsibility
  •  Self under Estimation
  • Negative attitude and Over Reaction to the Question
  • Lack of Sense Of Humor

So these are main things which throw You out of the Interview. We must not Do any of these. The Employers are Becoming more and more sensitive and Any One Of these can be enough to disqualify for the Job You are faceing the interview. And as we told you earlier as well The HR people are sensitive enough and they can judge you without asking a single question and just by Your appearance and Behavior. So kep These things in Mind and Never Ever Commit any Mistake from the above list. Single One Of above can be enough to reject you.

How to Prepare for A Successful Interview

Now, We are going to tell You How to Prepare for A Successful interview and What to Do A week ahead of Interview, A Day ahead of the Interview, On the Day of the Interview and during the Interview. Always remember these Points and Ultimately these Few Points will lead to a Successful Interview:

A Couple of Days ahead of the Interview

  • First Of All Investigate and research About the Company and it’s Market and Core competencies, Products (Mainly New) and Services.
  • Research about its Marketing, Profit and all Other Possible Aspect, Reputation, history etc.,
  • Arrange All the required Documents in proper manner, Such as Degree Certificates, Extra Curricular Certificates, Sports Certificates and Everything.

Day Before The Interview

  • Get all The Information about the Location Of the Interview , It’s Route, most easy and Convinced medium of Travelling and Time to reach the venue.
  • Visualize what You have Prepared, Relax (most important), Pray and Try to have a Good Sleep As well.

On the day Of Interview

  • Always try to reach the interview venue As Early s Possible. Minimum 30-45 Minute ahead of the Scheduled Time.
  • Get familiar with the Surroundings as much as possible.
  • Avoid Carrying too Much Baggage Along with You
  • Report at the Reception or to the Concerned Authority

Waiting Hall Aspects

  • Maintain Silence and Maintain Decorum
  • Avoid Doing Silly Things Such as smoking, laughing Loudly, Chewing and Of Course Flirting
  • Interact with other Politely and Greet The Other People Present there
  • Sit Down Comfortably, Relax and Visualize
  • Always Put your Phone In Silent Mode, Switch it Off If possible

At The Time Of Entering The Interview Hall

  • Be confident and Enter the Hall Confidently. But Not Arrogantly and Never enter Showing Negative Attitude
  • After Entering , Gently Shut The Doors
  • Keep A Sweet Smile On Your Face and Greet the Interviewers
  • Shake hand in a Polite manner and Never Sit Before they ask you to do So.
  • One Important thing ( Shake hands Only If they Offer their hands)

During The Interview

  • Always Keep Maintaining Eye Contact, You are Not a Thief So Always maintain Eye to Eye Contact
  • Lean forward a Bit, Listen Carefully with All your Concentration
  • Don’t throw Your Files at them, hand Over it right side facing and Gently
  • Never ever Argue with the interviewers, Keep your Points Politely
  • Be Polite and Use as Much As Possible the Words “Please” and “Thank You”

So above are Few of the killer Tips to have Successful Interview. There Are Numerous things apart from these Points. But If You have kept these Points in mind then You should have a Successful Interview. If you have Anything to share regarding this, Kindly let us Know By leaving a Comment below. If you have any Query Regarding this, then also leave a Comment.

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