Reinvigorating A Dying Speciality : Engineering

Engineering was the go to career in the old days till the 1950’s, where one could be a productive member of society and not face the torrent of sneers or out of place questions of how the astrologers were wrong when they predicted your future of being a doctor, going abroad and marrying a foreigner. Such assumptions and more are the things that need to die for the much needed progression of the often stagnating viewpoint of society. For the advancement of other issues as well, like the need for actual merit as opposed representation by caste which is supposed to be non-existent but whose effects are still seen today by lot of people who view it as a reminder of people who believe it as reminder of the country’s least respectable time of their history filled with events which mark them against other countries, who have long since abandoned such tradition which is not productive or complementary to the progression of the economy. USA had a similar problem but was resolved by the civil rights movement ,but for us the events are dime a dozen which causes no practical changes than letting some politician get their way for getting the most amount of votes and letting people know that they know how the little people feel .

Engineers are an asset to the countries they belong to but are sadly underutilised and with some colleges having a lax attitude towards ragging and discriminations happening in campuses which only lead to the drop in popularity of engineering and uptake in new trendy jobs like entrepreneurship, tech, and whatever the communication degrees will get you. Like stated in the first line, engineering was once famed for its prestige, guarantee of a decent salary package and its reputation could get you a loan in any reputable banking establishment which could not be availed unless you were a doctor or lawyer, the course(engineering ) has received an upgrade and can be specialised in different fields than before but there are post graduate degrees for the same and it is advisable to get the same if you plan on taking engineering, the process has been simplified than before as you only need to browse online for Top Engineering colleges in India.

But this is just an article lamenting the down status of the engineering, which can only be uplifted if you the reader are sufficiently encouraged to get the motivation to attempt the course and bring glory to this once perused and great course which has shaped the country for the better. The task is to clear the tough but not impossible JEE MAIN 2018, which can be attempted a total of three times, so caution is prudent in this venture of trying to complete the course of engineering. So I ask you the reader to, if it is in your capacity, to take up the challenge and graduate the course of breathe life in to this ignored and often overlooked course which gives one the most rewarding careers ever in existence