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JNTUK Fast Updates – Latest JNTU Kakinada Updates & Notifications Today

JNTUK Fast Updates – Latest JNTU Kakinada Updates & Notifications Today – Here you may check the latest information and updates related to JNTU Kakinada. We do provide JNTUK Fast Updates and JNTUK Fast Notifications for examinations, jumbling exam centers and much more. So if you are a student and studying in any of JNTU Kakinada affiliated colleges, you are highly recommended to bookmark this page of JNTUK Notification and JNTUK fast Updates, so that you may be able to check latest updates and useful information for students rapidly in no time.

On this page of JNTUK Fast Updates, you will get information related to JNTUK Exam Postponements. JNTU Kakinada Rescheduled dates, holiday and vacation information and official notification. We try to provide pinpoint accurate information and post all news and info to students who are looking for JNTU Kakinada Fast Updates through our rapid & very quick SMS & WhatsApp updates system. For, now, scroll down and check latest update and notification which are most recently announced by the University related to the postponement, exam fee notification, jumbling exam centers and much more JNTUK fast Updates 2018.

JNTUK Fast Updates & Notifications

JNTUK Fast Updates – Latest JNTU Kakinada Updates & Notifications Today

JNTUF Fast Updates & Notifications – Below we have listed all latest JNTUK Fast Updates which are recently announced by the University. Students seeking JNTUK Fast Updates may check all recent and important updates below. We have listed date wise JNTU Kakinada updates. If you find anything missing and seeking an update whose information is not already available, you may ask about it in the comments section below. Students who are looking for any specific information which is not already updated on this page, you may ask about it by contacting us through the comments section below and we will surely provide the adequate information for all of your queries and will make sure that your all doubts are cleared. For now, check Latest JNTUK Fast Updates and Exam Notifications below.

Latest JNTUK Fast Updates & Exam Notifications
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  1. November 13, 2018 - JNTUK 3-2 Jumbling Exam Centers List, November 2018 – B.Tech / B.Pharmacy
  2. November 13, 2018 - JNTUK 2-2 Jumbling Exam Centers List, November 2018 – B.Tech & B.Pharmacy
  3. November 1, 2018 - JNTUK 1-2 Jumbling Exam Centers List, Nov 2018 – B.Tech / B.Pharmacy
  4. October 25, 2018 - JNTUK 1-1 Jumbling Exam Centers List, Oct/Nov 2018 – B.Tech & B.Pharmacy
  5. October 25, 2018 - JNTUK 3-1 Sem Jumbling Exam Centers, Oct 2018 Released B.Tech / B.Pharm
  6. October 16, 2018 - JNTUK Dussehra Holidays 2018 Information for All Courses
  7. October 11, 2018 - JNTUK 2-1 Jumbling Exam Centers List, Oct 2018 B.Tech / B.Pharmacy
  8. October 11, 2018 - JNTUK 4-1 Jumbling Exam Centers List, Oct 2018 for B.Tech & B.Pharmacy District wise
  9. October 8, 2018 - JNTUK 2-2 Exam Fee Notification, October 2018 B.Tech R16, R13, R10 Supply Exams
  10. October 8, 2018 - JNTUK 3-2 Exam Fee Notification, October 2018 B.Tech R13, R10 Supply Exams
  11. October 8, 2018 - JNTUK B.Tech 1-2 Exam Fee Notification, Oct 2018 – R16, R13 Supply Exams
  12. September 11, 2018 - JNTUK 0.15% Adjustment of Marks for Failed Students – JNTUK Grace Marks & Application Procedure
  13. September 9, 2018 - JNTUK 3-1 Sem Exam Fee Notification, Sep 2018 – B.Tech/B.Pharmacy R16, R13, R10
  14. September 9, 2018 - JNTUK 1-1 Exam Fee Notification for B.Tech & B.Pharmacy, September 2018
  15. September 9, 2018 - JNTUK 2-1 Sem Exam Fee Notification, Sep 2018 – B.Tech/B.Pharmacy R16, R13, R10
  16. September 9, 2018 - JNTUK 4-1 Exam Notification, September 2018 – B.Tech & B.Pharmacy R13, R10
  17. August 4, 2018 - JNTUK 1-1 & 2-1 Sem 1st Mid Exams Postponed & Rescheduled
  18. July 8, 2018 - JNTUK 4-2 Jumbling Exam Centers Final List, July 2018 – B.Tech / B.Pharmacy Advance Supply Exams
  19. June 4, 2018 - JNTUK OD Apply Online – How to Apply for JNTUK Original Degree & Step by Step Online Application Procedure
  20. June 1, 2018 - JNTUK B.Tech 4-2 Advance Supply Exam Fee Notification, May 2018
  21. May 10, 2018 - Return of Original Certificates If Students Cancels the Admission or Discontinues
  22. May 10, 2018 - Important Clarifications Regarding JNTUK Jumbling System Of Examinations
  23. April 27, 2018 - How to Check JNTUK 0.15% Marks Adjustment Application Status – JNTUK Grace Marks Status
  24. April 15, 2018 - JNTUK All Exams Scheduled on 16/04/2018 Postponed & Rescheduled
  25. January 18, 2018 - JNTUK B.Tech 2-2 1st Mid Online Bits Download, Jan 2018
  26. January 18, 2018 - JNTUK B.Tech 3-2 1st Mid Online Bits Download, Jan 2018
  27. November 28, 2017 - Aadhar Made Compulsory for JNTUK Exam Registrations – Complete Details & Information
  28. November 8, 2017 - JNTUK VI Convocation Notification – JNTUK 6th Convocation Information & Application Details
  29. November 1, 2017 - What is Jumbling Pattern Examination in JNTUK – Complete Details
  30. July 7, 2017 - JNTUK Promotion Rule from 2nd to 3rd Year & 3rd Year to 4th Year for R13 Regulation
  31. May 22, 2017 - JNTUK All Exams on 22/05/2017 & 23/05/2017 Postponed & Rescheduled
  32. November 8, 2016 - JNTUK B.Tech 1-1 Sem (R16) Model Question Papers – Sample Question
  33. April 23, 2016 - JNTUK B. Tech 4-2 Exam Subject Having 4 Set of Question Papers April/May 2016
  34. April 20, 2016 - JNTUK MBA/ MCA 2nd Sem Exam Fee Notification April 2016

JNTUK Fast Updates & Exam Notifications 2018-19

JNTUK Fast Updates – Latest JNTUK Updates & Notifications – Above we have tabulated latest JNTUK Fast Updates & Exam Notifications. We do publish the news and information related to all available and upcoming JNTUK Updates and notifications 2018 right on this page. We do provide detailed JNTUK Fast Updates and all related information such as JNTU Kakinada Jumbling Examination centers 2018, examination fee last dates and detailed exam notification and various procedure to apply for various segments under the University.

Students who are a regular visitor of our website will get quick updates from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University right on this page as we publish the notification and news as soon as it has been released by the officials. Apart from general JNTUK Fast Updates, if students are looking for a query whose answer is not already provided on the website, then they may ask their questions by leaving a comment below and we will surely revert back to the students with the appropriate answer and will contact them if needed.

JNTUK Updates & Notifications

JNTUK Fast Updates & Notifications – JNTU Kakinada is one of the prominent public universities in the state of Andhra Pradesh located in the beautiful port city of Kakinada which comes under the district of East Godavari and we, on this page, provide all updates regarding all upcoming JNTUK Fast Updates and Exam Notifications 2018. This university has had very humble beginnings, when it was established in the year 1946 and was christened ‘The College of Engineering, Vishakapatnam’. Along these years it has made rapid progress, both academically and technologically, to establish itself as the go-to university for all studies related to engineering in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

This university which was previously a constituent of the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University has become an autonomous institute since 2003 and has been accredited with an A grade by the NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) of UGC (University Grants Commission).

About Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada

JNTUK Fast Updates & Notifications – Today JNTUK Updates – Over the years, JNTUK has molded its students perfectly to take on life’s challenges with confidence and ease thus making them industry ready and like that only, we are providing JNTUK Fast Updates of all exam alerts, notifications, jumbling / clustering exam centers and much more. It has also been able to churn out some highly notable alumni, who have brought great accolades to their parent institute through their achievements and social prominence. These facts can be taken as direct indicators of the worth of this university as there is no better way to gauge a university’s excellence than by observing its outgoing students and alumni and their impact on the society. All through its years of operation, the university has always stood true to its fundamental founding motto – “Yoga is the EXCELLENCE IN WORK ”.

JNTUK Fast Updates Today 2019

JNTUK Fast Updates & JNTUK Instant Updates on Mobile – We are also happy to announce that we are testing our SMS based updates system which was also tested for a month and will again be available after few days. So the students who are concerned about JNTUK Fast Updates on Mobile and Desktop will be getting custom notifications of all JNTUK Fast Updates and JNTU Kakinada Notifications. We will be releasing the service very soon.

Share this page of JNTUK Fast Updates & Alerts, among all your friends who are looking to get quick and rapid updates, as we post the instant notification and updates through our different services as soon as any notification or update is released. If you have any query regarding JNTU Kakinada Fast Updates or facing any difficulty while surfing this website, you may anytime get in touch with us and we will resolve the issue and will provide further support. Our dedicated team is always available to reply to all your queries and solve your problems.

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