JNTUK Academic Calendar – JNTU Kakinada Class Schedule

JNTUK Academic Calendar – JNTU Kakinada Class Schedule – Here on this page, students may download JNTUK B.Tech Academic Calendar, JNTUK B.Pharmacy Academic Calendar, MBA Academic Calendar, MCA Academic Calendar, M.Tech Academic Calendar, M.Pharmacy Academic Calendar and JNTU Kakinada Academic Calendar for all other professional courses which are offered under JNTU Kakinada. Academic Calendars are important as it helps in deciding the various timelines of study and gives the clear idea about all upcoming examinations, holidays and all other activities under any university. So students can asses these data and make their academic plans as well. Students from different JNTU Kakinada affiliated Engineering, Pharmacy, Management or other professional colleges will be able to download Latest JNTUK Academic Calendar right from this page. Below we have tabulated all latest JNTUK Academic calendars of B.Tech, B.Pharmacy, MCA, MBA, M.Tech and all other courses. So scroll down to the courses list for which JNTUK academic calendars are updated below, and select the semester name for which you are looking to download JNTUK Academic Calendar 2018 and you will be taken to the download page, where you may download Latest JNTUK Academic Calendar in pdf format.

JNTUK Academic Calendar - JNTU Kakinada

JNTUK Academic Calendar – JNTU Kakinada

JNTU Kakinada Academic Calendar 2018 – Students may download 1st Year, 2nd Year 3rd Year and 4th Year of the Academic Calendar for B.Tech & B.Pharmacy from the table provided below and apart from that, you may also download other courses and semester JNTUK Academic Calendar from the available courses listed below. If you face any problem while downloading these JNTUK Academic calendars or any other resources over this website, you may inform us about it by leaving a comment below and we will solve the issue and soon as we can and will also get back to you if needed.

JNTUK B.Tech Academic Calendar
JNTUK B.Tech 1-1 Academic CalendarJNTUK B.Tech 1-2 Academic Calendar
JNTUK B.Tech 2-1 Academic CalendarJNTUK B.Tech 2-2 Academic Calendar
JNTUK B.Tech 3-1 Academic CalendarJNTUK B.Tech 3-2 Academic Calendar
JNTUK B.Tech 4-1 Academic CalendarJNTUK B.Tech 4-2 Academic Calendar
JNTUK MBA Academic Calendar
JNTUK MBA 1st Sem Academic CalendarJNTUK MBA 2nd Sem Academic Calendar
JNTUK MBA 3rd Sem Academic CalendarJNTUK MBA 4th Sem Academic Calendar
JNTUK MCA Academic Calendar
JNTUK MCA 1st Sem Academic CalendarJNTUK MCA 2nd Sem Academic Calendar
JNTUK MCA 3rd Sem Academic CalendarJNTUK MCA 4th Sem Academic Calendar
JNTUK MCA 5th Sem Academic CalendarJNTUK MCA 6th Sem Academic Calendar
JNTUK M.Tech Academic Calendar
JNTUK M.Tech 1st Sem Academic CalendarJNTUK M.Tech 2nd Sem Academic Calendar
JNTUK M.Tech 3rd Sem Academic CalendarJNTUK M.Tech 4th Sem Academic Calendar
JNTUK M.Tech 5th Sem Academic CalendarJNTUK M.Tech 6th Sem Academic Calendar
JNTUK M.Pharmacy Academic Calendar
JNTUK M.Pharmacy 1st Sem Academic CalendarJNTUK M.Pharmacy 2nd Sem Academic Calendar
JNTUK M.Pharmacy 3rd Sem Academic CalendarJNTUK M.Pharmacy 4th Sem Academic Calendar
JNTUK M.Pharmacy 5th Sem Academic CalendarJNTUK M.Pharmacy 6th Sem Academic Calendar

JNTUK Fast Updates Academic Calendar

Listed above are most recently announced JNTU Kakinada Academic Calendars for all courses and Regulations (R16, R13, R10). Students seeking these resources may download it in pdf format. If you find any broken link or misplaced content, you are requested to inform us about the same and we will surely take care of it and will fix the issue as soon as possible if any.

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