JNTUH Rule Of Exemption Also Called Skipping of 8 Credits Under JNTUH. We all know that Jawaharlal Technological University has given a benefit of skipping a maximum two subjects to get the Degree. But to let You know, You can’t remove two subjects in all the cases, the rule is that you can get your degree if you successfully secured 192 Credits out of 200. We are going to provide you the detailed information about the rule of exemption which is available for the students of JNTUH R09 Batch. So get the information below and share it with your friends and classmates as well.


JNTUH RULE OF EXEMPTION (Skipping Rule) of 8 Credits

Below we have provided all information regarding JNTUH RULE OF EXEMPTION or Skipping Rule and also we have listed step by step procedure to apply for it. So scroll down and get information regarding JNTUH RULE OF EXEMPTION of 8 Credits.


  • A student can remove any two subjects which he/she could not pass and it should be a theory subject.
  • A student can not leave any practical subject.
  • A student can not leave two subjects in which any one consists of 6 Credits i.e; Only one subjest of 6 credit is allowed, for example Mathematics-1.
  • All theory subjects are included in rule of exemption, including first year. (good news for M1 😉 )
  • EDP is not a theoretical subject, So any student can not get the exemption for EDP. For further details, Contact your respective College.
  • If A student have cleared all the subjects at the end of his 4-2, he doesn’t have the choice of exemption, JNTUH itself will exclude two subjects.

Procedure of Applying Exemption : Skip 2 Subject or A Max of 8 Credits

  • If any student wants the exemption of two or single subject which he/she could not pass,he would have to fill an undertaking form by himself and submit it to the examination branch of the respective College.
  • Always keep in mind that undertaking is mandatory for the application of exemption.
  • Students have to write an application and attach the photocopy of SSC marks memo and the photocopy of all the semester’s marks memo whether regular or supply.
  • After the attachment of all the mentioned documents the request of the student for the exemption of two subjects is forwarded to the Director of Evaluation, JNTUH.


Question : I have cleared all the subject and secured 200 Credits in my academics, do I still need to apply for the exemption?

Answer : If you have cleared all the subjects and you don’t have to apply for the Exemption, JNTUH will do it itself.

Question : What is the Fees for applying for this process?

Answer : No Fees is required if you are applying at your respected College, However, you can apply at tatkal process and for that, you need to pay a fee of Rupee 1000 to the JNTUH.

Question : What is meant by “All Practical Subjects?”

Ans : All the labs which you have attended during your academics comes under Practical Subjects and you can not apply for their exemptions mentioned earlier.

Question : Can I apply for the exemption of lab based theory Subjects? Such as CPDS?

Ans : Of course you can apply for the exemption of lab based theory subjects, all you need is to clear all your Labs.

Question : Can I give the application for the exemption of an Elective Subject?

Ans : Yes as elective subjects are also theoretical subjects, so you can apply for them also.

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  1. iam from R09 BATCH…I have 2 subjects which im not getting pass from many years..the subjects are M1 and M3…Is there any chance of exemption of subjects ls let me know..i

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