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JNTUH R15 Regulation Promotion Rules – JNTUH R15 Academic Regulation

JNTUH R15 Regulation Promotion Rules – JNTUH R15 Academic Regulation – Here we have provided all information and relevant points related to JNTUH R15 Regulation Promotion Rules for the Students Admitted Under JNTU Hyderabad R15 Regulation. Here we are with the info regarding the JNTUH R15 Promotion Rules and the new changes which are newly implemented by the University. Many Students were Confused and asking again and again about JNTUH R15 Promotion rules from 1st year to Second, 2nd Year to 3rd and 3rd year to final year and also about JNTUH R15 Exemption Rules. So here We have provided the brief information about the Credits required to be promoted in the 2nd 3rd or 4th year & detailed information regarding JNTUH R15 Regulation Promotion Rules. Further we have provided the other details such as the rule of Exemption for R15 Regulation Students for the award of the Degree of B.Tech. So check out JNTUH R15 Regulation Promotion Rules and all other details below.

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JNTUH R15 Regulation Promotion Rules

JNTUH R15 Regulation Promotion Rules

JNTUH R15 Promotion Rule – So below we have provided most common and most important details about the Award of Degree of B.Tech for JNTUH R15 Students and JNTUH R15 Regulation Promotion Rules for every next Academic year along with the JNTUH R15 Rule Of Exemption. Go ahead and find all relevant information and useful points. If you are still having any query or doubt in this regard, you may anytime get in touch with us through the comments section below and we will answer to all of your queries and will provide relevant information. For now, scroll down and check JNTUH R15 Promotion Rules for 2nd Year to 3rd Year and all other details.

Rules For the Award of the Degree of B.Tech for R15 Regulation:

  1. A Student will be eligible for the award of the Degree of B.Tech if he registers for 224 (After the inclusion of Gender Sensitization total credits is 226) Credits and Secure not less than 216 Credits Out Of 224 Credits.

  2. A Student can also opt for the Exemption of two subjects which must contain up to 8 Credits. It may be one open elective and one elective subject or two elective subjects.

  3. Students Can not opt for the Exemption of Compulsory Subjects Such as All Practical Subjects, Industry Oriented Mini Projects, Viva, Seminar or Project Work.

Minimum Academic Requirements for the Promotion in Next Year as per R15 Regulation:

  1. A Student is eligible to write the University Examination Only he secures 75% Attendance during the Semester.
  2. Condonation of Shortage of Attendance is Up to 10%. So the Students Securing not less than 65% can be granted to write the Examinations, but not less than that.
  3. The Students will be promoted to next year, if he/she has secured not less than 35% marks in the Externals Examinations and not less than 40% marks collectively in Internals and End Term Examinations.
  4. To be promoted from First Year to Second Year, every Student must Secure 28 Credits Out of 56 Credits in the First Year. So A Students will not be promoted from First Year to Second Year if he fails to Secure 28 Credits along with the prescribed attendance.
  5. A Students will not be promoted from Second Year to Third Year in he fails to Secure 50 Credits Out of 84 Credits in 2-1 or 68 Credits up to 2-2 out of 112 Credits. It doesn’t matter whether he has missed any examination. Also, A Student must fulfill the Attendance requirements along with these.
  6. To be promoted from 3rd Year to 4th Year, every student must Secure not less than 84 Credits from the total Credits of 140 up to 3-1 Semester or a total of 100 Credits out of 168 up to 3-2 Semester.
  7. Students who fail to earn 216 Credits Out of 224 Credits within 10 Years from the Year of their admission shall forfeit their seat in B.Tech and their admission will automatically be canceled.

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So that’s the general rules for the JNTU Hyderabad R15 Regulation Students. Here we have clearly mentioned the eligibility criteria’s for every student to be promoted from 1st year to Second Year, 2nd Year to 3rd year and from 3rd Year to the final year for R15 regulation Students. We have provided the info regarding everything about how to leave 2 Subjects or Credits and how to skip subjects and which subjects are eligible for the exemption.

JNTUH R15 Promotion Rules for 2nd Year to 3rd Year – Required Credit Details

JNTUH R15 Promotion Rules for 2nd Year to 3rd Year – Required Credit Details – If you are still having any query or confusion in this regard, leave it in the comments section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible and will surely help you out with it. Feel Free to ask us anything regarding JNTUH and its Sister Universities. Don’t forget to share this Info regarding JNTUH R15 Promotion Rules for 2nd Year to 3rd Year – Required Credit Details, among all your friends and also on Your Social Media Pages.


  1. I’m btech final year 4-1 I had below 65% attendenance
    But every year below 65% I write exam but now this year he will detened below 65% attendenance what will do now

  2. Is there any credits for pe

  3. if i’m detained in 4-1 through attendance can i join 4-2 ?
    Belongs to r15

  4. Sir plz we are requesting you sir last year sir plz promote to 4th year.. Decrease the credits are do something any clear our problem..we are requesting

  5. Plz clear the problem sir we r requesting bcoz last year plz do something to promote us

  6. Same problem here

  7. To promote from 3rd year to 4 th year you won’t consider 1st year advanced supply for r15 regulation. If consided they should be 84 credits or 100 credits without counting 3-2 sem

  8. Same problem here bro

  9. I am r15 student. I have 96 credits upto 3-2 and 90 upto 3-1 and i have detained now from 4-1. Many students from different college are facing this problem. This is our final year so please solve this problem sir. Just short of 4 credits sir.

  10. I need to know whether MBAR15 has grace MARKS, can please give any information, becouse

  11. I am from r15 regulation and I have 86 credits up to 3-1 ….its given that 84 credits are enough to get promoted to final yr but still my name is listed in detention

  12. I got 20 in internal and 21 in external total of 41 so is it a pass or fail btech r15 regulation

  13. Helo sir am from r15 regulation, I have detined in 2nd yr to 3rd yr,I have 50 credits but am deatined .But last year those who have 50 credits they r promoted to 3rd yr but this yr we got 50 credits am in detained list that rule is not there what is this sir.

  14. This semester system is bothering to students

  15. I am final year i soucre 98 credites so i am promoted but in my clg my name is in daitende list plz inform

  16. I am student or r15 1yr I got detained in 2016.after 1year of supply examination I promoted to 2yr in the regulation of r16 my doubt is jntuh exam branch will provide my 1yr r15 exams credits or not?

  17. As I am R15 student I have all over 88 credits upton 3-1 . But still I am detained please kindly check. whether I am promoted or not.

  18. For R15 Gs countable for promotion r not ??

  19. As I am student of r15 in 1st year and promote to r16 n I secured credits up to 21 but according to r15 regualation they considering but I got detained

  20. For R15 is GS countable for promotion of 3rd year to 4th year?

  21. I got credits after advance supply but there is no promote list in our clg till now

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