JNTUH Introduced New Subject “Gender Sensitization” for All 2-2 Students for 2 Credits

JNTUH Introduced New Subject “Gender Sensitization” for All 2-2 Students for 2 Credits. JNTU Hyderabad Introduced ‘Gender Sensitization’ course under the Lab Subject apart from the other existing subject for all JNTUH B.Tech 2-2 R13 & R15 regulation students and also for JNTUH B.Pharmacy 2-2 R13 & R15 Regulation Students.

Gender Sensitization

Gender Sensitization Course Details and Credits

“As per the direction from the state Government a New Course ‘ Gender Sensitization’ has been introduced for all JNTU Hyderabad B.Tech & B.Pharmacy 2-2 Students who are studying under JNTUH R13 or JNTUH R15 regulation. This is a compulsory Subject and posses ‘2’ Credits. It should be treated as a lab subject with two credits from the academic Year 2015-2016.”

  1. The Course of the ‘Gender Sensitization’ in II-II Semester of B.Tech & B.Pharmacy for all branches in the affiliate and constituent colleges of JNTU Hyderabad including Autonomous Colleges as a compulsory subject apart from the existing course structure for JNTUH R15 & R13 regulation batches and it must be treated as a mandatory lab subject with 2 credits from the academic year 2015-2016.
  2. Internal assessment should be based on attendance requirement as per the norms of the University, Assignment and Mini Project.
  3. Since this is a value added course, the name of the course may be reflected in the marks memo. 

So the Final Credits 224 should be read as 226 and 216 should be read as 218 for R13 & R15 regulations from the academic year 2015-2016.

So that’s few of the main points of which are mentioned in the Official Notifications. For checking other details and other information regarding the New Subject. You may contact your college or also you can download the Official Notification provided below.

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