JNTUA Syllabus Books for R15, R13 & R19 Regulation – Download JNTU Anantapur B.Tech Syllabus pdf

JNTUA Syllabus Books for R15, R13 & R19 Regulation – Download JNTU Anantapur B.Tech Syllabus pdf – Students hailing from JNTU Anantapur Engineering, Pharmacy or Professional courses colleges, may download JNTUA Syllabus Books for all courses which are offered by JNTU Anantapur University such as B.Tech Syllabus, B.Pharmacy Syllabus, M.Tech Syllabus, M.Pharmacy Syllabus, MBA / MCA Syllabus and all other courses which are offered by JNTUA. All these resources and semester wise JNTUA Syllabus Books are provided in pdf format for R15, R13 & R09 regulations. So simply navigate below and select your course and as per the requirement, look for your regulation and thus you will be taken to JNTUA Syllabus Books download page, where you may easily download JNTUA Syllabus Books – JNTU Anantapur Syllabus for R15, R13 Regulation of B.tech, M.Tech, B.Pharmacy, M.Pharmacy, MBA, MCA and all other courses. If you face any problem while downloading any of the below provided JNTUA Syllabus Books, then you might get in touch with us by mentioning your problem in the comments section below and we will try to resolve issue, (if any), as soon as possible. For now, scroll down and download JNTUA Syllabus Copy in pdf format from regulation wise (R15, R13, R09) and branch wise list of syllabus provided below for JNTUA College’s students.

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JNTUA Syllabus Books

JNTUA Syllabus Books for R15, R13 Regulation

JNTUA Syllabus Books pdf – Students seeking JNTU Anantapur Syllabus Books for B.Tech, B.Pharmacy or any other courses, can download all courses syllabus books form this page itself. Below we have tabulated course wise collection of syllabus book for R15, r13 & R09 regulation. Students are advised to simply select the course followed by semester and regulation and thus, you may download the particular syllabus from the download page and you will get it in pdf format. So go ahead, select course, semester & regulation and download JNTUA Syllabus Book in pdf format.

Download JNTU Anantapur Syllabus in pdf format

JNTUA B.Tech Syllabus Books
JNTUA B.Tech 1st Year Syllabus Books 
JNTUA B.Tech 1-1 Syllabus Books JNTUA B.Tech 1-2 Syllabus Books 
JNTUA B.Tech 2-1 Syllabus Books JNTUA B.Tech 2-2 Syllabus Books 
JNTUA B.Tech 3-1 Syllabus Books JNTUA B.Tech 3-2 Syllabus Books 
JNTUA B.Tech 4-1 Syllabus Books JNTUA B.Tech 4-2 Syllabus Books 
JNTUA B.Pharmacy Syllabus Books
JNTUA B.Pharmacy 1st Year Syllabus Books 
JNTUA B.Pharm 1-1 Syllabus Books JNTUA B.Pharm 1-2 Syllabus Books 
JNTUA B.Pharm 2-1 Syllabus Books JNTUA B.Pharm 2-2 Syllabus Books 
JNTUA B.Pharm 3-1 Syllabus Books JNTUA B.Pharm 3-2 Syllabus Books 
JNTUA B.Pharm 4-1 Syllabus Books JNTUA B.Pharm 4-2 Syllabus Books 
JNTUA MBA Syllabus Books
JNTUA MBA 1-1 Syllabus Books JNTUA MBA 1-2 Syllabus Books 
JNTUA MBA 2-1 Syllabus Books JNTUA MBA 2-2 Syllabus Books 
JNTUA B.MCA Syllabus Books
JNTUA MCA 1-1 Syllabus Books JNTUA MCA 1-2 Syllabus Books 
JNTUA MCA 2-1 Syllabus Books JNTUA MCA 2-2 Syllabus Books 
JNTUA M.Tech Syllabus Books
JNTUA M.Tech 1-1 Syllabus Books JNTUA M.Tech 1-2 Syllabus Books 
JNTUA M.Tech 2-1 Syllabus Books JNTUA M.Tech 2-2 Syllabus Books 
JNTUA M.Pharmacy Syllabus Books
JNTUA M.Pharm 1-1 Syllabus Books JNTUA M.Pharm 1-2 Syllabus Books 
JNTUA M.Pharm 2-1 Syllabus Books JNTUA M.Pharm 2-2 Syllabus Books 

JNTUA Syllabus Books for R15, R13 Regulation – JNTU Anantapur B.Tech Syllabus pdf

JNTUA Engineering Syllabus Books – We have enlisted all JNTU Anantapur Syllabus books for various courses. Students may download these resources simply by clicking on the course and semester for which they are looking to download it in pdf format. Next, you will be taken to that semester page of syllabus books from where you may download it as per your branches, such as, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Information Technology, Mining Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Automobile Engineering and for all other branches and you may easily download it in pdf format.

JNTUA Syllabus Download – JNTUA World R15, R13 Syllabus PDF

JNTUA Syllabus Download – JNTUA World R15, R13 Syllabus PDF – In case, if you find any broken links or misplaced syllabus, kindly information us about the same, so that we can make the correction. If you are looking for any other JNTUA Syllabus which is not already available on this page, you may ask for it by leaving your words in the comments section below. We will surely provide it if we find it relevant.

JNTUA Syllabus Download – Share this page of JNTUA Syllabus books among all JNTUA students who are studying various courses in various JNTUA Affiliated engineering or other colleges, so that they may also download these JNTUA Syllabus Books for R15, r13 & R09 regulation of CSE, ECE, EEE, Mech, Civil, IT, ANE, CE, PCE and all other branches.