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JNTU Results – Spot Valuation Info & JNTU Results News & Updates

JNTU Results – Spot Valuation Info & JNTU Results News & Updates Portal – Here you may check latest details, spot valuation info and expected details related to all upcoming JNTU Results which means; JNTUH Results, JNTUK Results and JNTUA Results for B.Tech / B.Pharmacy, MBA, MCA, M.Tech, M.Pharmacy, Pharma.D and for all courses which is offered under Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University. We have tabulated semester wise result updates for all three sister universities, so all concerning students who are looking for latest JNTU Results news and updates and details related to upcoming results for which the examination has recently completed, may check all JNTU Results news and current valuation status along with the expected release date (not official) by which the particular result is expected to be released. Below we have provided the list of all Semester Results info for R16, R15, R13, R10, R09 regular & supplementary examinations of B.Tech / B.Pharmacy, MBA, MCA, M.Tech, M.Pharmacy, Pharma.D. Simply select the semester for which you are looking to get the info and thus you will be availed all details.

JNTU Results - Spot Valuation Info & JNTU Results News & Updates
JNTU Results – Spot Valuation Info & JNTU Results News & Updates

Latest JNTU Results Information – Below you may check all relevant information related to upcoming REGULAR / Supplementary Examination Results. Simply click on the semester for which you are seeking result information.

JNTUH Reg / Supply Results JNTUK Reg / Supply Results JNTUA Reg / Supply Results
JNTUH 1-1 Results
JNTUK 1-1 Results
JNTUA 1-1 Results
JNTUH 1st Year Results
JNTUK 1-2 Results
JNTUA 1-2 Results
JNTUH 2-1 Results
JNTUK 2-1 Results
JNTUA 2-1 Results
JNTUH 2-2 Results
JNTUK 2-2 Results
JNTUA 2-2 Results
JNTUH 3-1 Results
JNTUK 3-1 Results
JNTUA 3-1 Results
JNTUH 3-2 Results
JNTUK 3-2 Results
JNTUA 3-2 Results
JNTUH 4-1 Results
JNTUK 4-1 Results
JNTUA 4-1 Results
JNTUH 4-2 Results
JNTUK 4-2 Results
JNTUA 4-2 Results

Below You may check Recounting / Revaluation Results of all three sister universities. We have tabulated semester wise information of JNTU RC / RV Results below. Scroll down and click on the sem for which you are looking to check JNTUH JNTUA & JNTUK Recounting & Revaluation Results.

JNTUH RC / RV Results JNTUK RC / RV Results JNTUA RC / RV Results
JNTUH 1-1 RC / RV Results
JNTUK 1-1 RC / RV Results
JNTUA 1-1 RC / RV Results
JNTUH 1-2 RC / RV Results
JNTUK 1-2 RC / RV Results
JNTUA 1-2 RC / RV Results
JNTUH 2-1 RC / RV Results
JNTUK 2-1 RC / RV Results
JNTUA 2-1 RC / RV Results
JNTUH 2-2 RC / RV Results
JNTUK 2-2 RC / RV Results
JNTUA 2-2 RC / RV Results
JNTUH 3-1 RC / RV Results
JNTUK 3-1 RC / RV Results
JNTUA 3-1 RC / RV Results
JNTUH 3-2 RC / RV Results
JNTUK 3-2 RC / RV Results
JNTUA 3-2 RC / RV Results
JNTUH 4-1 RC / RV Results
JNTUK 4-1 RC / RV Results
JNTUA 4-1 RC / RV Results
JNTUH 4-2 RC / RV Results
JNTUK 4-2 RC / RV Results
JNTUA 4-2 RC / RV Results

Latest JNTU Results Info and News – Above we have listed B.Tech & B.Pharmacy all Semester (R16, R15, R13, R10, R09) Regular / Supply Exams info and result update. Simply tap on the semester name under your university tab and check latest spot valuation info and get the official links to check that particular result if the university has released it. If not, you may get other information and expected release date by which that particular result might be available.

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