Important Clarifications Regarding JNTUK Jumbling System Of Examinations

We Provide here the Important Clarifications Regarding JNTUK Jumbling System Of Examinations. It was brought into the Notice of the JNTU Kakinada that there has been many malpractices during the Exam in most of the Colleges. A full report has been provided to the university regarding this. To avoid these malpractices during the Examination, the Academic Senate of the University has decided to Opt for Clustering/ Jumbling of the Examination Centres. Jumbling has been already being used in the Other two Sister universities i.e; JNTU Hyderabad & JNTU Anantapur and by implementing this system the University has Successfully Controlled the Malpractices in those Universities. So JNTU Kakinada is also implementing the same technique for the Examinations Scheduled in the Academic Years 2015-2016.

Important Clarifications Regarding JNTUK Jumbling System Of Examinations

Many Students have Complained regarding the implementation of Jumbling Pattern of Examinations. But this is to inform all the Concerning Students that the Examination Centres for their End Exam will be allotted within 20 Kms from their respective College Where they are currently Admitted. We would also like to tell you that there are few exception on which the Jumbling system will not be implemented as few of the colleges are located in the remote locations and it will be quite difficult for the Students to write their exams in any other college. So few of these Colleges will not be affected from the jumbling Pattern and the examination for these Colleges will be conducted in the same college as usual. But the University will Send their Special examiners in these colleges so that the Exams can be conducted smoothly.

We would also like to inform all the Students that the internal examination will be Rescheduled and it will be make sure that it wouldn’t clash with the External examinations. In Case, internals collide with the external Examinations, i.e; it gets scheduled on the same day. The internals examinations will also be conducted on the examination centre itself.

So above are the details and important information Regarding JNTUK Jumbling System Of Examinations. If You have any query regarding this, leave a comment below and we will get back to you soon. Visit JNTU World for more Updates.

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