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How Much Marks Required in GATE to Qualify for IIT / PSU 2016?

How Much Marks Required in GATE to Qualify for IIT / PSU 2016? This has been the most common question by the Students who are about to participate in GATE, one of the most popular exams in the Country. Many students ask how much marks are required to qualify GATE? This question has been discussed much more than anything, and every students prepares and attempts the question which even he doesn’t know, in order to reach the Cut Off. In this attempt most of the students are disqualified by the effect of negative marking. We are Providing a Table below which shows how much marks were required to reach a certain Ranking and to qualify. Check it out first.

How Much Marks Required in GATE to Qualify for IIT / PSU 2016?

Electronics & Communications Engineering (Approx)

RANKSMarks - 2014Marks - 2015

Mechanical Engineering (Approx)

RanksMarks - 2014Marks - 2015

So as You can See for ECE, gaining a Rank of 500 in 2014 required 63.2 and to obtain the same rank in 2015 it required 58.6, you can notice that in the later year the required mark was slightly less than that of the previous year.  For Mechanical Engineering, gaining a rank of 1000 required 65 Marks in 2014, and for obtaining the same Rank in 2015 it required 72.3. Here the Story is different from that of ECE. The Story for the Other Branches is also same and the marks required are almost same for each branches.

The required marks to qualify for each year uses to be different and it totally depends on few major factors, such as the toughness of the Question papers and other factors like this. So it’s quite difficult to predict the exact marks to qualify for IIT and PSU’s, we can expect only. The Data from the past only helps for the Approximation.

There has been a problem with the students that they attempt the questions in GATE Examinations which they don’t know, in order to achieve the required marks which they have predetermined, which ultimately affects the results badly. One should always take care of negative marking and should select the questions which the student knows.


It’s Very difficult to Predict the Exact Marks required to Qualify for IIT / PSU. One should always believe his/her potential and prepare as much as possible. Never attempt questions which are out of knowledge in order to achieve certain benchmark, negative marking also plays a vital role. As we said, it’s very difficult to determine the exact numbers for qualifying but the Data Provided above can be surely used for the expected marks and prepare from earlier to achieve better than than.

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