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JNTUK 3-2 Materials & Notes

We are providing here JNTUK 3-2 Materials & Notes for all branches. We have tabulated the JNTUK B.Tech 3-2 Lecture Notes as per R13 Syllabus. JNTUK 3-2 Subject Notes are provided under the name of each branch. We have tried to cover all subjects for all branches. But as you might know, this collection of JNTUK 3-2 Class Notes is quite new and we couldn’t upload the 3-2 Study Materials for all branches. For Now, we have provided the JNTUK 3-2 Materials & Notes for most common branches, but we assure you that within next few weeks, we will upload the JNTUK 3-2 Lecture notes for all branches. We have provided JNTUK 3-2 books in pdf format, so that students can easily download the files and get the most out of it.

JNTUK 3-2 Materials & Notes

Download JNTUK 3-2 Materials & Notes in PDF Format

We have provided JNTUK B.Tech 3-2 Class Notes for all branches. We have tabulated the JNTUK 3-2 Subject Notes as per R13 Syllabus. All other regulation students can also download these materials. But JNTUK 3-2 R10 and JNTUK 3-2 R07 students may not find all subjects here. In this case, simply search by the name of the subject and you will get it. For Now, Download JNTUK 3-2 Lecture Notes in PDF from the resources provided below, download as per your branch.

Civil Engineering

Subject NameDownload Link
Design & Drawing of Steel StructuresDownload
Geotechnical Engineering - IIDownload
Water Resources Engineering- IDownload
Environmental Engineering - IDownload
Transportation Engineering - IIDownload
Computer Aided Engineering DrawingDownload

Computer Science & Engineering

Subject NameDownload Link
Computer NetworksDownload
Data Ware housing & Mining Download
Design & Analysis of AlgorithmsDownload
Software EngineeringDownload
Web TechnologiesDownload

Electronics & Communication Engineering

Subject NameDownload Link
Microprocessors & MicrocontrollersDownload
Digital Signal ProcessingDownload
Digital CommunicationsDownload
Microwave EngineeringDownload

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Subject NameDownload Link
Switchgear & ProtectionDownload
Microprocessors & MicrocontrollersDownload
Utilization of Electrical EnergyDownload
Power System AnalysisDownload
Power Semiconductor DrivesDownload
Management ScienceDownload

Information Technology

Subject NameDownload Link
Computer NetworksDownload
Data Ware Housing & MiningDownload
Design & Analysis of AlgorithmsDownload
Software TestingDownload
Web TechnologiesDownload

Mechanical Engineering

Subject NameDownload Link
Operations ResearchDownload
Interactive Computer GraphicsDownload
Design of Machine Members - IIDownload
Hear TransferDownload
Industrial Engineering ManagementDownload

So above are JNTUK 3-2 Materials & Notes for all branches. Lecture Notes for JNTUK 3-2 provided here are in PDF format so that students can download it easily. We have covered all important topics of JNTUK 3-2 and have provided the best available Class notes. You can’t find better Notes for JNTUK 3-2 over the Internet. We have provided the JNTUK 3-1 Materials and Notes for most popular branches for now. However, we are preparing the materials for all other branches and within next few weeks, we will upload the JNTUK 3-2 Subject Notes for all other branches.

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