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JNTUK 2-2 Materials & Notes

We have provided JNTUK 2-2 Materials & Notes for all branches. Check Out JNTU Kakinada 2-2 Lecture notes in PDF. We have tabulated JNTUK 2-2 Class Notes for all branches in PDF. We have tried to cover all subjects for all branches. But as you might know, this collection is quite new and we are still preparing and collecting the JNTUK 2-2 books, lecture notes / class notes and all other useful resources for all branches. However, we have uploaded for all the main branches and for the rest of of the branches, we will upload and provide the materials very soon. Another thing to be noticed is that, we have tabulated the JNTUK 2-2 Lecture Notes dor R13 regulation and have been tabulated here as per the R13 Syllabus. However, all other regulation students i.e; JNTUK R10 & JNTUK R07 Students can also download this awesome collection of JNTUK 2-2 Class Notes, but they might not find all subjects placed according to the Syllabus, in that case, check your subjects in other semesters collection. Check out JNTUK 2-2 Study Materials below.

JNTUK 2-2 Materials & Notes

Download JNTUK B.Tech 2-2 Lecture Notes & Materials in PDF

We are providing JNTUK 2-2 Study Materials & Class Notes in PDF and we have tabulated the list of subjects under each branch. We have provided JNTUK 2-2 Materials & Notes as per R13 Syllabus and subjects have been provided accordingly. All other regulation students can also download these materials as these are the best avilable Lecture Notes for JNTUK 2-2.

Civil Engineering

Subject NameDownload Link
Building Planning DrawingDownload
Managerial Economics & Financial AnalysisDownload
Strength Of Materials - IIDownload
Hydraulics & Hydraulic MachineryDownload
Concrete TechnologyDownload
Structural Analysis - IDownload

Computer Science & Engineering

Subject NameDownload Link
Probability & StatisticsDownload
Java ProgrammingDownload
Advanced Data StructureDownload
Computer OrganizationDownload
Formal Languages & Automata TheoryDownload

Electronics & Communication Engineering

Subject NameDownload Link
Electronic Circuit AnalysisDownload
Management ScienceDownload
Random Variables and Stochastic ProcessDownload
Switching Theory & Logic DesignDownload
EM Waves & Transmission LinesDownload
Analog CommunicationsDownload

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Subject NameDownload Link
Environmental StudiesDownload
Switching Theory & Logic DesignDownload
Pulse & Digital CircuitsDownload
Power Systems - IDownload
Electrical Machines - IIDownload
Control SystemsDownload

Information Technology

Subject NameDownload Link
Probability & StatisticsDownload
Java ProgrammingDownload
Advanced Data StructuresDownload
Computer OrganizationsDownload
Language ProcessorsDownload

Mechanical Engineering

Subject NameDownload Link
Kinematics of MachineryDownload
Thermal Engineering - IDownload
Production TechnologyDownload
Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic MachineryDownload
Machine DrawingDownload

So above we have provided JNTUK 2-2 R13 Materials & Notes. But as we said, we have not yet finished uploading the Lecture Notes & Books for all branches. For now we have provided the JNTU Kakinada 2-2 Lecture Notes for the most popular branches, and for rest of the branches we will upload the JNTUK 2-2 Class Notes in PDF very soon. The study materials provided here are best available for JNTUK B.Tech 2-2. These materials are prepared by our team and altered as per the requirements for the Students of JNTUK. But we highly recommend you to follow the Syllabus books and pick the topics from the Lecture notes provided below as per your syllabus.

If you find any broken link or any notes which are not being download, or facing any issue, leave a comment below and we will surely get back to you within few minutes and eliminate the problem. Don’t forget to share this awesome Collection of Class Notes & Books for JNTUK 2-2 among all your friends and also share this on your social media pages, so that all of your friends can also get the most benefit out of this stuff. This will surely help in boosting your knowledge and for preparing for the examinations.

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