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JNTUH 4-2 Materials & Notes

JNTUH 4-2 Materials & Notes in PDF format. We have provided here Lecture Notes for JNTU Hyderabad B.Tech 4-2 Students. We have tabulated Unit Wise Class notes and Complete study materials for most common branches under JNT University, Hyderabad. These materials and lecture notes are prepared with the help of professionals and experienced faculties of each departments. These Books or you can say Class Notes contains all important topics from every single subject which is listed here. We have provided all the resources either in PDF format or PPT, which will eventually be easy in downloading and keeping on the go. But most the JNTU World 4-2 Study Materials are provided in PDF format. JNTUH Study Materials for 4-2 Semester which we have provided here are tabulated and prepared as per R13 Syllabus. But as we have covered all topics from each subject, all other regulation students can also download these JNTU World 4-2 Study Materials and Lecture Notes.

JNTUH 4-2 Materials & Notes

Download JNTUH 4-2 Materials & Notes in PDF Format

Below we have provided the Study materials and lecture notes for all branches. For JNTUH 4-2 Semester, we have intermixed the subjects of R09 & R13 regulations. As this year there are no R13 Students in final year and R09 Students needed it. So check your subject and download it.

Civil Engineering

Rehabilitation and Retrofitting of Structures

Geo-Environmental Engineering

Ground Improvement Techniques

Computer Science & Engineering

Management Science

Web Services

Database Security

Ad hoc and Sensor Networks

Embedded Systems

Electronics & Communication Engineering

Satellite Communications

Biomédical Instrumentation

Artificial Neural Networks

Radar Systems

Network Security

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Fundamentals of HVDC and FACTS Devices

Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic

Renewable Energy Sources

Principles of Reliability Engineering

Advanced Control Systems

EHV AC Transmission

Introduction to Nanotechnology

Information Technology

Management Science

Web Services

E – Commerce

Ad hoc and Sensor Networks

Multimedia & Rich Internet Applications

Artificial Intelligence

Storage Area Networks

Machine Learning

Mechanical Engineering

Production Planning and Control

Artificial Neural Networks

Total Quality Management

Maintenance and Safety Engineering

Plant Layout & Material Handling

Renewable Energy Sources

Jet Propulsion & Rocket Engineering

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Gas Dynamics

So above we have provided JNTUH B.Tech 4-2 Study Materials for all branches. We have tabulated the Study Materials for most popular branches and for all other branches we will update the Class Notes Very soon. Also we could not upload every subject as there are many subjects which are elective and we are preparing the every single elective subject and within next few days we will upload all elective subjects as well. For now, we have uploaded the JNTUH B.Tech 4-2 Notes for the subjects which we have prepared.

Don’t forget to Share this awesome collection of JNTU Hyderabad B.Tech 4-2 Study Materials for all branches and we have uploaded the Class Notes in PDF format among all of your friends and also on your Social Media pages. In you are having any query in this regard, leave a comment below. JNTUH 4-2 Materials & Notes in PDF.

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