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JNTUH 3-1 Materials & Notes

JNTUH 3-1 Materials & Notes for all branches and all Subjects. We have prepared this awesome collection of JNTUH B.Tech 3-1 Class Notes and JNTUH B.Tech 3-1 Lecture Notes as per R13 Syllabus. We have provided the JNTUH 3-1 Materials which consists of all the important Topics and have covered all the Important Chapters. We have also provided for all other semesters as well. We are creating this new collection of JNTUH 3-1 eBooks and Important stuff as per JNTU Hyderabad R13 Regulations Syllabus. The Students of other regulations can also download these Lecture Notes and materials, and if you are other to find any subject, kindly refer to other semester’s collection, as R13 syllabus is quite different and we have listed the subjects for all branches as per R13 Syllabus for Now.

JNTUH 3-1 Materials & Notes

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We have listed the Class Notes / Lecture Notes for all branches as per R13 Syllabus Now. All Subjects for each branch of JNTUH B.Tech 3-1 are listed under the Branch name. Simply refer to your branch and download the Subjects Materials and Lecture Notes as per Your requirement. If you couldn’t find any subject, kindly report to us about it.

Civil Engineering

Subject Name
Concrete Technology
Reinforced Concrete Structures Design and Drawing
Engineering Geology
Geotechnical Engineering
Water Resources Engineering-I
Disaster Management

Computer Science & Engineering

Subject Name
Principles of Programming Languages
Intellectual Property Rights
Software Engineering
Compiler Design
Computer Networks
Operating Systems

Electronics & Communications Engineering

Subject Name
Control Systems Engineering
Computer Organization and Operating Systems
Antennas and Wave Propagation
Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation
Analog Communications
Linear and Digital IC Applications

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Subject Name
IC Applications
Management Science
Power Systems-II
Control Systems
Power Electronics
Electrical Machines-III

Information Technology

Subject Name
Automata and Compiler Design
Linux Programming
Software Engineering
Operating Systems
Computer Networks
Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis

Mechanical Engineering

Subject Name
Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis
Engineering Metrology
Dynamics of Machinery
Machine Tools
Design of Machine Members – I
Thermal Engineering -II

So above are JNTUH 3-1 Materials & Class Notes for all branches. We have always tried to provide the best resources to our students and time by time we provide the useful stuff. This time also we have collected the best available material for our Students and have tabulated here. But as we said, we are making this new collection of all the stuff, we have not provided the stuff for all the branches and are limited to few most common branches only. But we assure you that within next few months we will make every single stuff available on our  website. If you find any broken link or any link not working properly, leave a comment below about it, and we will take care of it. Thus you will be helping us in improving our services.

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